niedziela, 25 września 2016

approaching my departure from Seoul because waiting for me to work in Germany. and what that comes with additional pictures and super fun.

What I can tell you so far about Korea. certainly one of the main fact of the Korean man is handsome, and I don't change my opinion rather.

here it is a great place where you can see street artists or people that want to show their talents. and of course this place is ...

as you will be in Seoul you must visit this place.

I will not write to you about any monuments because these things just doesn't interest me
I addressed rather watching the daily life of people living in Seoul and I must admit that I felt in here like at home.

ok ... going back to the street performances ... there is one dance group that occur there every Saturday, about an hour 2pm

I encourage you to watch video ;)

you want to see the pictures ... I invite you to click on this link....

poniedziałek, 5 września 2016


#my favourite building  and company today I just see this bulding outside  ,but next time i want do some kind of project   with this company  maybe next year ;)

This is a good day ... you know that I am here only a few days but one thing I know for sure do not want to go back to Polish

niedziela, 4 września 2016

Audition day

Today I was auditioned for JYP entertainment ... and it was a little strange. I mean I was expecting something else. but it was even interesting. new experience counted. whether they want take me ? rather not because I don't look like the Korean girls . And my voice is not sweet.