środa, 19 października 2016

 Sorry... but today I don't add new pictures  because I don't have them  the reason is simple I was focusing on the exams which I  finally passed  .. it took a little but I think that in the near future I will be able to enter something interesting on the blog. so for now i just took my a little stupid short video
exactly  3 videos :
I made this video because he have( I think )perfect smile... probably he practiced this smile  ^^
and of course also must be video with me in first role .... this is happens usually when I'm  bored  XD

niedziela, 25 września 2016

approaching my departure from Seoul because waiting for me to work in Germany. and what that comes with additional pictures and super fun.

What I can tell you so far about Korea. certainly one of the main fact of the Korean man is handsome, and I don't change my opinion rather.

here it is a great place where you can see street artists or people that want to show their talents. and of course this place is ...

as you will be in Seoul you must visit this place.

I will not write to you about any monuments because these things just doesn't interest me
I addressed rather watching the daily life of people living in Seoul and I must admit that I felt in here like at home.

ok ... going back to the street performances ... there is one dance group that occur there every Saturday, about an hour 2pm


I encourage you to watch video ;)

you want to see the pictures ... I invite you to click on this link....


poniedziałek, 5 września 2016


#my favourite building  and company today I just see this bulding outside  ,but next time i want do some kind of project   with this company  maybe next year ;)

This is a good day ... you know that I am here only a few days but one thing I know for sure do not want to go back to Polish

niedziela, 4 września 2016

Audition day

Today I was auditioned for JYP entertainment ... and it was a little strange. I mean I was expecting something else. but it was even interesting. new experience counted. whether they want take me ? rather not because I don't look like the Korean girls . And my voice is not sweet.

czwartek, 25 sierpnia 2016

finally I got the pictures from a previous photo shoot. I like them, I hope that you will enjoy them differently. I for exactly four days I will be in South Korea. finally but I have to admit that a little scared. but again, on the other hand there waiting for my next adventure.

So today
will show you the pictures from the photo session

poniedziałek, 22 sierpnia 2016

a little boring day apart from the fact that the weather is awful. when I'm bored I have to do something. So today I pretended that I am a singer. recording awful, because the recording equipment is inadequate. but maybe I can some person feel better, you only need to just listen to the recording

for fun

piątek, 19 sierpnia 2016

I'm going to have to Korea next week, even you have no idea how happy I am. tattoo which I mentioned to you before, is finally healed. Today I'm going to visit grandmother as a woman has been 95 years and I, however, will not be more than a month in Poland (I hope that in Korea I can stay permanently)

wtorek, 9 sierpnia 2016

wonderful day .. I wrote a long time ago because I had no time, so today I'll give you something ... today I had a photo session and I have to say that it was great. I met inspiring people, and I'm sure that I want to work with them more than once.

as soon as I got pictures, (you can be sure that)... I will publish them ...

UPCOMING EVENT in my life, is a visit to a tattoo studio on August 12 ... and take a new tattoo .

piątek, 22 lipca 2016

wonderful night on the beach ... getting up early was a little difficult because I had with my friends to get up at 4:30 in the morning. I would recommend anyone spend a night on the beach ... honestly there is nothing to fear.

admit right ... wonderful pictures ... all on them you can see XD

środa, 20 lipca 2016

last week in the Netherlands comes to an end. On Sundays I go back and jade straight to Wroclaw at the photo shoot, therefore, soon I'll add some new interesting photos with me in the lead role.

for now I show you some photos from this wonderful country ...

poniedziałek, 18 lipca 2016

a quiet evening. I ate today cakes and my stomach hurts. today I have a craving for good music. So I listen to "skillet". one of their new songs fills me with energy.

I already want to have tomorrow ... because I want to begin to realize my plans . and I have to say that I hope that I will manage to realize all recorded points.... the first is simple ... start the day with this song !!

wtorek, 12 lipca 2016

I love running . last weekend in the Netherlands ... which is related to work harder. but fortunately it coming to the end and I will be able to finally realize my project

sobota, 2 lipca 2016

Tomorrow a day off therefore I go again to the beach. a perfect day, the work is over for today. I still have three weeks to stay in the Netherlands and momentary return to the Polish.

I love shells!! but I already have so much, that this time I made just a picture shells. with friends on the beach, a few pictures and a lot of fun.

czwartek, 30 czerwca 2016

I am today a bit angry. I quickly finished the work today. definitely do not like this situation. as the situation does not change then I'll go to the next country.

one thing is certain views are lovely but it is cold here. This is definitely a cold country...

I am tired after work ... without makeup on a walk along the beach on a windy day...

środa, 29 czerwca 2016

 today the day like always ... successful. I'm a little tired and I must start cleaning my house . accurately  I have to clean the bathroom. This does not comfort me. but it was better than vacuuming the whole house.

views on the way to work.

wtorek, 28 czerwca 2016

I love mornings. sometimes it's hard to get up but today was just beautiful. Tomorrow's Wednesday but this time gone. it scares me a little because I'm afraid that I do not have time to prepare (to learn the song, do choreography, the graphics work, etc.) but I hope it will be fine.

and now the views of today's date

piątek, 24 czerwca 2016

so I'm in the Netherlands. It is here beautifully. Holland is a little too calm for me but I would recommend this country. the work here is not heavy and I can earn nicely. my goal is plane ticket to south korea. some more hours at work, and I'll buy the ticket.

poniedziałek, 20 czerwca 2016

another sleepy day. additionally terrible weather all day raining and I do not want to do anything. and !!before me there are only 3 hours of sleep. so what should I do .
start a new adventure !!!

sobota, 18 czerwca 2016

another sunny day. finally. departure date getting closer. I will be in the Netherlands on Tuesday.
as far in free moments I play with my pictures.
might otherwise
red-haired trying to create something in the "Pinnacle Studio" and you know what

terrible video quality. Videos with no composition, but it is great fun.

and by the way of "another barrel"
Tomorrow I record atr performance  exactly at 3 o'clock in the morning. haha so I can't wait for tomorrow.  It can be quite interesting.

sobota, 11 czerwca 2016

When I have free time and I have a few pictures then I create it. ...
So what can I say I love myself ... XD

for now it is enough. as I will be in the Netherlands I creature something more creative. 

So as I already wrote about my trip abroad to the Netherlands. will add a little more about it. I'm leaving for 7 days, and currently I'm packing a suitcase and I have a problem because I have too many things. surprise!! and it's not about cosmetics or clothes.
from the other side. finally I bought a microphone is not perfect, the studio is not suitable, but the microphone to the fun is ideal

czwartek, 9 czerwca 2016

a long time I didn't publish anything because I didn't have time for this. Today I had a moment to myself. Therefore, I went to the hairdresser, now I'm ore. and under the influence of energy I played around with photos. I hope that you will like it.