piątek, 13 maja 2016

I first drove the car as a driver. then I went with a friend for shopping. I must admit that it is a good day. despite the rainy weather I'm happy. I love going to the "Chinese shops" I never buy anything there but it is always interesting. you can always find there a strange and interesting things at the same time.

maybe I'm a little narcissist but I love mirrors in stores and especially my reflection in them :)


for tomorrow I will have a little boring day ... I hope that maybe tomorrow will surprise me something.

czwartek, 12 maja 2016

Today I was on the course driving license and tomorrow the first time I get in the car behind steering wheels. I will not say that I'm afraid the car but for sure I'm a little stressed. except that I am doomed to bathing in cold water for two weeks because I inadvertently ruined a shower. You better not ask me how I did it but I admit it was a little comical.
in a nutshell . something inside broke, therefore, until I fix this thing, hot water for me is unavailable:

so are the pros and cons.

  1. First ... it's cold water !!!!!! (This definitely is a minus)
  2. Secondly . reportedly bath in cold water causes the skin becomes firmer as a result ... goodbye         cellulite!!  
  3. Thirdly, the skin looks younger
in conclusion ... I am an optimist :)

wtorek, 10 maja 2016

like me I predicted nothing new. spent all day at home, I hope in the next few days I will have more time and energy to go somewhere. mmm I can go to France before flying to Netherlands

as I have promised that I will do entries at least every other day, so I write.
yesterday there was nothing remarkable in my life that why I didn'tt write anything. I hope that today will be something interesting. For now it is 10 o'clock in the morning so I just had another Korean lessons. Today I learned the next few simple words like "dad" or "child". it means  아빠 or 아가.

sobota, 7 maja 2016

just me

I begin today to write a new chapter of my life. new experiences and new photos. I love to pose in front of the camera. I love to be a model. for soon I will have to travel to South Korea, I hope it'll stay there permanently.

I am an artist can not determine exactly what an artist I am. because I'm doing everything I mean, I sing, I'm studying the performance, I was photo model, dance, and I designed from time to time some clothes depending on what I want to create, and if I have inspiration

Therefore, today publishes pictures from the last photo session. I will try to make an entry every day or at least every second day.

I'm sorry for the mistakes but I am still learning English and Korean, therefore, I ask for your understanding